Sealcoating is a typical driveway maintenance procedure.  Sealcoating should never be applied until the ambient day and evening temperatures reach 55 degrees Fahrenheit or above. Otherwise, the sealcoat will not cure properly and the sealant will have a tendency to wear off much more quickly. Application procedures may vary, but the use of a high quality product is of utmost importance in the appearance and longevity of the sealcoating.


GoreCon uses only high quality materials from industry leaders who meet quality standards. The sealer is transported in steel hydraulically agitated tanks to ensure a consistent and uniform mixture arrives at the work site. The subsequent result is a professional and enduring finish.


Sealcoat is most often applied too frequently. GoreCon recommends two coats of sealcoating be applied to a new installation after it has cured for one year. Thereafter, a single coat of sealer should be applied every two to three years depending on surface traffic and wear. If the driveway was paved using the red Bucks County slate stone mix, this stone is predominately soft and sealer does not last as long as with other stone mixes. Slate based stone lacks the qualities of granite or argillite based stone which permits the sealer to adhere properly.


GoreCon, Inc. is available to provide you with professional driveway maintenance and repair at  a competitive rate. 


Surface Preparation

  • Trim or edge grass where needed
  • Fill cracks to make as flush as possible
  • Prep oil spots where needed
  • Apply adhesion promoter where needed


  • Brush sealer around aprons, landscaping, sidewalks, etc.
  • Squeegee and/or spray on seal coat
  • Rope off drive during the curing process (1-2 days, depending on humidity)