Concrete Overlay

Concrete overlay on garage floor

Concrete overlay is a technologically advanced surface finishing material that is applied on top of existing concrete. The overlay can be stained and textured to achieve various appearances. These stains and textures are what give concrete overlay its amazing versatility. Concrete overlay can be applied to duplicate the look of virtually every classic flooring material; marble, granite, slate, brick, tile and natural stone. Overlay can be  personalized with unique custom graphics such as a company logo or family crest.


The custom overlay may look delicate, but overlay surfaces offer all the durability of concrete.  In fact, concrete overlay is stronger than plain concrete and provides extra protection for the surface. It is extremely durable and can withstand vehicle or foot traffic and protects covered surfaces from extreme weather conditions. The acrylic coating offers additional protection as it is impervious to substances which would normally stain and damage concrete such as oil and harsh chemicals.


Overlay is available for most surfaces since it does not require adding inches of new material to a surface. Concrete overlay can be applied in thick patterned layers or as thin as a credit card.  This versatility provides many options to be used inside the home increasing the appearance of garages and basement floors.  Its superior traction capabilities when wet  makes it a perfect application for pool decks, slippery walkways, wheelchair ramps and concrete docks. In addition, concrete overlay stays cool in the hot sun eliminating the discomfort of walking barefoot on plain concrete during the summer.